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Frame Repairs

At Hartel's Auto Body all frame and unibody repair work is performed with Chief Automotive Frame and Laser Measuring Systems. Top of the line state-of-the-art equipment and over 35 years of quality professional repair experience ensure the safety, integrity, and performance of your vehicle. It is our job to bring your vehicle back to the manufactures' specifications and we take that very seriously.

Vehicle Frames

When your car is in a collision, its frame can become damaged in two ways. First, the accident can result in direct damage to the frame, which appears at the location of impact. For instance, as you might expect, in a rear-end collision the rear-most sections of your vehicle frame may be damaged. But, just as importantly, the very same accident can result in what is called indirect damage to the frame and body, which appears away from the area of impact. Think of indirect damage as the accident's "ripple effect" through your vehicle.

Frame Damage

Since much of this "ripple effect" damage happens far from the point of collision impact, a vehicle that to the naked eye appears to be repaired fully can still have a significantly compromised frame structure that can endanger vehicle occupants in future accidents. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous shops have been known to “shift” sheet metal around to make it appear that everything is “repaired” from the outside. They either aren't capable of repairing the vehicle properly or are deliberately taking "short cuts" to save money. Please be aware of where you are having you car repaired and remember the old saying “if it looks to good to be true, it is.”

It goes without saying that a vehicle's frame is the foundation of a very complex mechanical and electrical system that a driver must trust for its structural integrity and safety. The frame is the center reference point that controls and activates a host of electronic and operational systems that affect not only the vehicle's drive-ability but how it will react in a subsequent collision. Just as the highly technical design of an Indy race car keeps its driver alive in an otherwise horrendous crash, the design and integrity of a frame dictates how a passenger car or truck "behaves" in a collision. Crumple zones are precisely engineered to absorb impact and protect you and your family.

Now ask yourself how any repair facility could properly repair a damaged vehicle without first knowing that the frame was structurally sound and in proper alignment throughout the vehicle?

At Hartel's Auto Body, we believe that today's high-tech vehicles require a high-tech laser measuring to ensure the highest quality and most structurally sound repair. 

How does Laser Measuring work?

During a frame repair our technician hangs reflective targets around the vehicle's frame at key strategic control points. A laser scanner is then placed under the vehicle. The scanner consists of multiple high-grade lasers and mirrors that revolve at very high and extremely precise speeds. As these mirrors rotate, they project the laser beams outward in a 360-degree radius. When a beam strikes a reflective target, it's immediately bounced back to the scanner, which transmits this data to the systems computer. Using sophisticated software and complex algorithms the system computes the distance between targets and compares it with the correct vehicle specifications for those points. That information is then displayed on a graphic of the vehicle frame that can be seen on the system's monitor screen; which tells our expert technician exactly how far out of alignment that particular point is and in what direction.

Frame Repairs

This system can be left in place during repairs and will actually monitor and display changes in frame dimensions as repairs are made. We can even provide hard copies of your frame dimensions before and after repairs. As you can see, this system virtually guarantees a quality job!

How else can you possibly guarantee that a frame measures within the manufacturer specifications without the most precise measuring equipment in the industry? Before the collision you had trust and confidence in your vehicle and we understand the need to restore that trust and confidence after repairs are preformed. After all, without question the most important thing is you and your families’ safety.

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