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EstimatesAt Hartel's Auto Body we believe that getting an estimate right the first time is key to reducing repair time. It requires the coordination of numerous activities including writing the estimate, digital imaging, pre-lock estimate auditing, and coordination or negotiation of the estimate with your insurance company. Any one of these, done poorly, can derail the process. That's why we go to great lengths to deliver estimates as accurately as possible to increase our overall efficiently.

If you come in for one of our free estimates you will be presented with a detailed itemized repair estimate. We will carefully explain the repair process for your particular case and walk you through exactly how we intend on returning your vehicle to pre-accident condition. We want you to understand the repair process and feel that through this transparency, you will trust the safety and performance of your vehicle after our final repair. Ultimately, trusting your repaired vehicle is the single most important reason to choose any auto body shop.


EstimatesOur staff is very proficient in the two most popular estimating databases used in the repair industry and we keep them both on hand in our office. Before writing any estimate we'll ask you which insurance company, if any, is involved in your repair and then write our estimate using the same software database and format as your insurance company. This way if you get a separate estimate from your insurance company adjuster it will be much easier for you to compare the documents side by side since they will be written in the same "language." We understand that when you get into an accident it can be extremely overwhelming and a major hassle trying to compare and understand different repair estimates then finding subtle differences that may affect the final cost.

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